You are a Vape Lover:

Whether you’re vaping dry herb or the distillate cartridges you are in a new wave of consumption.

You would rather forgo the smoke and give your lungs a break, but you still want to get high.

You don’t like when everyone knows you’ve just smoked-up, you’d rather keep it on the DL.

We’ll keep it our secret.

Flower Power

Concentrated Vaping


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The first time I tried a .510 vape cart I was waiting for the high to hit me just like it would after a big bong load …but that didn’t happen. Instead, I got a creeping high that took awhile to set in and lasted for several hours. I found it to be more of a total body high than anything else; it was one of the most unique and euphoric feeling highs that I had felt in quite some time.


There’s so much variety to choose from with vapes too, it all just depends what I’m looking to do and what kind of mood I’m in. Am I going out or staying in? Am I watching a movie or doing housework? …do I want flavour or do I just want to get messed up. These are all the things I asked myself before I decide on a cart.

Live Resin vs Distillate

When it comes to .510 vape cartridges, most people go for the distillate, likely because of the cheaper prices and because it’s all they know and what they’re most familiar with. But how familiar with distillate carts are you actually?...